Pat is a Life and Spiritual Principles coach with over 25 years’ experience working with teenagers, singles and marrieds. He has been trained in Schema Therapy, New Energy Psychology and Whole-Brain Programming. He introduces his new "30 Minute Change" AOSED process to overcome challenges in your life by teaching you to create and live out New Beliefs at the subconscious level. He loves spending time in the mountains, writing, reading and dreaming about this incredible gift of life. Patrick and his wife, along with their 4 children live throughout California.

What is the "30 Minute Change"?

Let me start off by telling you what it is not. It is not a 30 minute routine or program you have to do every day or week. It is not a 30 minute shortcut to lose weight, make money, find love, quit bad habits, start new ones, get in shape or change your career.

The "30 Minute Change" is a One Time detailed step by step process, which engages your current thoughts on a specific subject and then, through a visual, auditory, kinesthetic & Whole Brain  exercise, helps you set a "New Belief Statement" in motion at the subconscious level based on my new formula for change: AOSED

Everything worthwhile you have ever done in your life began with a thought...followed by an action. And, unfortunately, everything you have wished you would have done, also began with a thought...followed by an action, of which the action was, to do nothing. Everyone has thoughts about a change they want to make, but very few have been trained in how to effectively turn those thoughts into New Beliefs which can then alter the course of one’s life.

Real and lasting change only happens after personal Awareness begins. Awareness provides a transparent view of the Obstacles. Once you can define the Obstacles, you are able to formulate a Strategy. When you have a clear, detailed Strategy, you are then able to develop your Execution plan. Execution of that plan leads to your Desired Result, also known as your New Belief! 

The missing link has been, learning how to actually reprogram the wanted New Belief into your subconscious mind. **Discover in this inspiring new book how easliy that can be done!**


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