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Hi my name is Pat Sweeney the author and founder of the "30 Minute Change" AOSED-process. I want to share with you about our 'One Time' coaching opportunity that will help teach you how to implement the New AOSED change process your first time through.

I tried to give you as much information and examples as possible in the book, but, I have seen firsthand, that our 90 minute one on one personal coaching session can quickly and effectively help individuals like yourself, understand and develop your own process by the end of this session. After which, you can then successfully use "The 30 Minute Change" process over and over again to assist in any future changes you want or need to make. 

If you have had a difficult time in the past making or sticking with those crucial, needed changes in your life, I believe that by asking for help in learning to implement "The 30 Minute Change" process, will help solidify the desired change at the sub-conscious level and open up unlimited possibilities In your life.

If you are anything like me and have tried almost everything else, you will not be not be disappointed with this small investment in your future!


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To be personally coached by the Author "Pat Sweeney" 


The value of a "One on One" personal coaching session:

  • 1. Complete your first wanted change process 
    After you choose your 90 minute time slot, you will recieve a free emailed copy of all the change process forms.
    When your coach calls they will help you choose and focus on the needed change and guide you through the detailed questions.
  • 2. Train you how to do it for yourself going forward
    On the call your coach will help you understand the process and how to get the most out of each step. All the time pointing out the things you will want to remember going forward.
  • 3. Support and encouragement throughout the difficult questions
    With the right guidance you can get the best results. Many times you are not aware of what you need and how to get it. That is where the expertise of the coach will help draw out.
  • 4. Success
    The process works! Understanding the best way to take yourself through a Change Process it is where empowerment begins.
  •  5. All of this for Only $149



“People always ask me…why does this "30 Minute Change" process work so well? I tell them. Because everything you have ever seen, heard or felt in your past, determines how you see, hear and feel things in the present! So, if you want to make meaningful changes in your life now. You will need to Learn how to see, hear and feel things differently today. Then those New Beliefs will create for you, a new tomorrow.”

"Being from the East Coast, I was a little skeptical of whether this 'Thirty Minute Change' would work for me. Coming off of six years of disability, I was very unsure of what to do next career-wise. Let me tell you, after  one coaching session I knew exactly what my perfect job was. To be honest it as very different from what I thought it would be. Pat helped me take the time to ask myself honest questions about what I would love to be doing, He helped me begin to actually see myself in that job and experience what it would be like to be doing it. We focused on details I would have never thought of on my own.  At the end, my 'Dream Job statement' was ver,y clear, My energy and focus was very clear, and my execution was very clear. Let me tell you how amazed I was when 8 weeks later I was working in the exact Job I had described. The things I had seen, heard and felt about that Dream Job were now my reality. 

I can not thank you enough Pat for helping me get focused!"



"After 20 years of thinking about it, and 20 years of procrastination, I was able to reprogram my Dream Job into my subconscious. I didn't know exactly how it was going to work for me, but 6 weeks later It just came to me. The title, the concept, the outline, and the reason I needed to write this particular book. Everything just seemed to come to me and I as able to complete 90% of the book in only five weeks. Over the next few months I finalized all the details and now I am a best selling published author. What I realize now was that this Dream job I had was only a thought and was never really a true Belief until my subconscious believed it. That is my only explanation as to this amazing chain of events."



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